a1Welcome to Paper Crown Gallery!

Paper Crown Gallery is the leading company that installs retractable roof pergola. We are the top choice of the people if they want the best installation of this kind of retractable roof. Paper Crown Gallery is known for the highest quality of service we provide to our clients. Our company only uses the best quality of retractable pergola which makes us stand out among the competition. Our services are guaranteed to ensure that you can get the best installation.

For over three decades, we have installed thousands of retractable roof pergolas. We know the needs of our customers to make sure that they can get the finest finished product that will give their homes the classic shade from the sun. Another thing why people trust us is because, despite the world-class service we provide, we offer the most competitive price of installation in the industry. Thousands of clients can attest to our reputation as the best installation company for retractable pergolas. After all these years, our company is still around, and we can assure you that our legacy will continue for more decades to come.

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